After almost two decades of student ministry, my heart still beats and breaks for students. Loving students and helping them love Jesus have been the foundational principles around which I have organized my life and ministry. While my job description has transformed over the years, I am still most passionate about investing in the student ministry at Marin Covenant Church.

In this current season of ministry, I find myself being both a practitioner in a local setting as well as a sought after communicator, facilitator, trainer, and leader, encouraging and equipping the next generation of youth workers. I oversee my local network as well as the networking framework for my entire denomination. I have written for a number of publications and am honored to be a contributor to the youthministry360 team, Youth Specialties Blog, and to Orange Leaders.

I graduated from Bethel Seminary with his Masters of Divinity and is Ordained to Word and Sacrament in the Evangelical Church. I am married to my precious and amazing wife Katie, and together we are attempting to raise their two kids to love Jesus, life, and baseball. I also write here, on my blog,, and have authored three books, Holy Parenting and Average Youth Ministry, and From the Pen to the Palace (Coming out January 2015)

I also have the opportunity to serve in my denomination on the speaker team and as the coordinator for our National Youth Worker Network.

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