Post Easter Devo: We are promised the presence of Christ

ENCOUNTER:  Read John 14:15-27

This last week we celebrated Easter!  It was such an incredible Sunday for us all to be together.  But, what I think made it incredible was that we allowed space for both the natural and the supernatural.  

Death, the unknown, grief, worry, anxiety, are all part of our normal and natural lives.  All of us experience these things, and when we do we find offense because somewhere deep in our bones we know that this isn't how things are supposed to be.  In the depth of our soul we know that we were made for LIFE!

What is so wild is that Jesus never promises wealth or comfort.  Rather, he promises his presence.  Sometimes I think I would rather have wealth and comfort, but all we have to is read the magazines at the Safeway checkout to know that those aren't the answer.  

What Jesus does promise is to be with us, to never forsake us, to keep us in his grip.  And this alone should translate into blessing, wholeness, peace, and life!  

Because of the resurrection, we affirm with our brains that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive! This means that he is able to run after you, tack you down, and meet you exactly where you are at, all at the same time as running after me, tracking me down and meeting me where I am at.

And if we have ears to hear, then we can hear that Jesus Himself is graciously wooing us back to the Father, marking us as adopted daughters and sons, as our actual bodies transform into the temple of the Holy Spirit.  

May we not take the presence of God for granted.  Rather, may we our senses be keenly aware of the very presence of God working and moving around us, in us, and through us.  


Spend a moment being quiet and ask God to open your eyes and ears to His presence.  Ask God to remind you of the places he has clearly showed up in your life.  Where are those places?  Are there any things in common about when and how God has clearly shown up in your life.  


We get what a total gift it is when someone else sees us, understands us, and cares for us.  As we learn to lean into the Holy Spirit and embrace the presence of Christ, as we have Him fill our cups, we can now be the presence of Christ for others.  Who in your world today can you be present for?  Who needs to be seen, understood, and cared for?  Take on the mantle of Christ and simply be there for someone else.


Learning how to be sensitive to the presence of God and having the courage and guts to be that for someone else is a difficult task.  Who can you invite along with you in this process for encouragement and accountability? 

Check out our Easter sermon that inspired this Devotional: